Our Services

Whom Do We Serve?

We advise small business owners, individuals, families and we work with multi-generational families and individuals facing life transitions such as marriage, divorce, or loss of a spouse or job. Because we start by focusing on the situation and don’t use a “one size fits all” approach, we spend a great deal of time just listening. We want to learn about goals, dreams, current needs, worries for the future and decisions that have been made to date. Only once we know the client and the situation in great detail will we begin to strategize about which puzzle pieces might fit, and which might belong to a different picture altogether! Our clients have complex lives, and it’s our job to simplify the financial aspect of your life and create a picture that fits together well and brings the comfort every investor deserves and desires.

Assembling Your Financial Puzzle 

We’ll help you put together the pieces of your unique financial puzzle. Our years of experience cover the important things that need to be considered in developing an overall clear picture. Some of the things we focus on in creating an overall plan are:

• Cash management
• Taxes and their impact on your financial decisions
• Accumulation goals, whether for retirement, college, or other long-term goals
• Estate planning
• Insurance needs
• Retirement income and a comfortable retirement
• Investing properly for your specific situation

If superior ability is not applied in any one of these areas, it can have a significant impact on your future plans and expectations. We’ll carefully review the decisions you’ve made up till now, offer guidance, suggest solutions to you and provide support along the way.